the key findings
across 22 countries
viewed favorably/ views of …. are generally positive
hold/ have a favorable view
a majority has unfavorable views of
a median of 46%/ a 57% majority of
roughly three-quarters of
seven-in-ten/ eight-in-ten
compared with a median of/ In comparison,/ Likewise,
inclined to say
declined by roughly 10 percentage points
substantial shares in many countries surveyed
conduct a study
total participants
focus group participants
distinct groups
a sharp partisan divide/ a partisan agreement on 
four-in-ten / seven-in-ten
half as many / twice as many 
the balance of opinion
share the view / express negative views / harbour doubts
large majorities of
about a quarter or fewer
strongly or somewhat oppose
minor fluctuations
increase __% percentage points
increase dramatically 
go up substantially
at a historic high of __ %
peak at __% in 20….
the same pattern holds true
factor driving attitude
dissatisfaction with
hold the view 
substantial minorities/ large majorities 
In comparison, 
very different public moods across
not so downcast 
key finding/ the major findings
significant change
long-running divisions 
grow at a modest pace
the turnout rates
account for 
to be projected to reach
a higher share of
considerably less likely 
the median age