3rd Year Video

3rd Year Video

  • What are some of the misconceptions about diplomats? 
  • What do diplomats really do? 
  • What does the speaker’s example of humanitarian effort in Turkey illustrate? 
  • What is the message of this video?
  • What are some definitions of public diplomacy? 
  • Which of these definitions resonate with you the most?
  • What exactly did the father of yellow journalism introduce?
  • What does the speaker see as her parents’ goal? 
  • Who was the speaker’s role model as a teenager? 
  • What does the speaker usually say to her colleagues? Why? 
  • What does the speaker say about the UN? 
  • Why is climate change an important issue? 
  • In what way is diplomacy changing today? 
  • What is the message of the video?
  • Is inviolability of diplomats a new or an old concept? 
  • How is diplomatic immunity explained?
  • What example of inviolability of embassies is given in the video? 
  • Can a diplomat’s baggage be inspected?